Vinegar Eels Starter Culture - Full Kit

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Vinegar Eel Starter Culture Kit includes:

  • Instructions for culturing and feeding Vinegar Eels
  • 2 oz. bottle of Vinegar Eels starter culture
  • Small bag of separation floss for culture
  • Brown sugar to feed and jump start your culture
  • 2 plastic feeding droppers

-Not included; container or bottle to keep your culture. Glass bottles with a long narrow neck are ideal. Details included with instructions and can be found on our Culturing Live Foods page!

Vinegar Eels are possibly the easiest live food to culture and are perfect for very small newborn fry. They can live in freshwater for an extended period of time, swim in the water column where baby fish are feeding, and are smaller than microworms. Perfect for feeding very small top water fry until large enough to eat baby brine shrimp. Vinegar eels are harmless nematodes, non-parasitic, and their lively wriggling actions make them highly attractive to aquarium fish fry. 

In nature fish never eat flake foods or pellets so it is no surprise feeding live foods to supplement your aquarium fish encourages spawning, helps fry grow more quickly and provides a more natural environment. When new born fry feed on live foods this helps establish healthy gut bacteria increasing their health and chances of survival.

Great for:

  • Betta fry when newly hatched
  • Corydoras fry when newly hatched
  • Rainbow fry when newly hatched
  • Fry too small for microworms
  • Fry too small for baby brine shrimp

-Not a staple food, intended to raise very small fry until large enough for baby brine shrimp