Golden Teddy (Xenophallus umbratilis)

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Xenophallus umbratilis - Golden Teddy

RARE Nano Livebearer 

Stunning captive bred fish

Max Size: 1-1.3" 
Min Tank Size: 5.5g / Colony bred here in 10 Gallon
Breeding: Livebearer. Spawn in plant growth same fashion as other livebearers. About 10-12 fry after 30 days. Adults may predate fry without sufficient food and cover.
Gender Identification: Female slightly larger with triangular anal fin and the male sporting an unusually large gonopodium with two hooks on the end.
Compatibility: Nano Fish! Adult size normally 1". Due to its rarity and small size I keep these in a species only tank. With shrimp or plecos as the exception. Have raised Cory fry with them for a short time without issue.
Care: Temp 71-80F pH 6.8-7.8
Notes: Great opportunity to work with a very rare nano species.