Pingu Guppy - Pair
Pingu Guppy - Pair

Pingu Guppy - Pair

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 Poecilia reticulata - Pingu "Pink" Guppy

Stunning captive bred Rare Pink Guppies!
The fish you receive will be one adult pair and couple fry

-Breeding line origionally from ALA Show in St. Louis 2017
Max Size: 1.5-2.5" 
Min Tank Size: 5.5g / 10g - recommended 
Breeding: Guppies will breed constantly. Provide enough cover for fry and hiding places for females to escape males constant need to spawn.
Gender Identification:  Males show the color and have a slender body with gonopodium. Females larger, round body.
Compatibility: Peaceful community fish. Any fish that can fit Guppy fry/adult in their mouth will eat them. Provide enough cover for survival rates.
Care: Temp 70-82F pH 6.8-7.8
Notes: Line bred guppies can be more delicate. Mine are bred at 77-78 degrees