Neolamprologus multifasciatus

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Neolamprologus multifasciatus - Lake Tanganyika Shelldweller

Stunning captive bred fish - You will receive 6 juveniles 
The fish you receive will be around 3/4-1" in size.

Max Size: Male 2" Female 1 1/2"
Min Tank Size: 10 Gallon (Our colony thrives in a species only 55gal, Super Cool!)
Breeding: Females lay eggs inside empty snail shells (escargot) and male fertilizes, fry will stay inside shell until large enough to survive.
Gender Identification: Difficult to sex when young but adult males larger than females. Males also have slightly more intense coloration.
Compatibility: Lake Tanganyikan Biotope
Care: Temp 75-80F pH 7.4-9
Notes: Enough shells and rock/decorations to split tank into territories will encourage breeding and lessen aggression.