Microworms Starter Culture - Full Kit

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Microworms Starter Culture Kit includes:

  • 2Oz Microworm Starter from established colony
  • Culture Container with new dry medium (Just Add Water!)
  • Yeast Packet to feed and jumpstart a healthy colony
  • Full Instructions

Microworms are one of the best foods to start out for your newly hatched fish fry like killifish, nano fish, dwarf cichlids, bottom dwelling fish and many others. They are very small (1/16 inch) great for fish that are not able to eat baby brine shrimp yet. Microworms will sink overtime, perfect for young Corydora and Plecos (L340's go crazy for them!). Microworms will do well at room temperatures. To feed take your finger or a small clean paintbrush, and remove the worms from the sides of your container and feed directly to tank. Culture medium is organic whole grain oatmeal, harmless for fish if eaten. Microworms can live up too 12 hours underwater and can be siphoned from bottom of tank if overfed. Stir culture every few days to keep fresh. New cultures will need to be started every month or when culture medium becomes very runny and stinky. Multiple cultures are recommended if feeding lots of fry and in the chance of a crash.

In nature fish never eat flake foods or pellets so it is no surprise feeding live foods to supplement your aquarium fish encourages spawning, helps fry grow more quickly and provides a more natural environment. When new born fry feed on live foods this helps establish healthy gut bacteria increasing their health and chances of survival.

Great for:

  • Corydoras fry 
  • Pleco fry 
  • Barbs, Tetras, Nano Fish
  • Dwarf Cichlid fry
  • Bottom Dwelling fish/fry
  • Fry too small for baby brine shrimp
-Great to raise very small fry until large enough for baby brine shrimp
Varied diet is always recommended, feed to all your fish and see who loves it!