Longfin Chocolate Bristlenose
Longfin Chocolate Bristlenose

Longfin Chocolate Bristlenose

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Ancistrus sp. - Longfin Chocolate Bristlenose

Stunning captive bred longfin chocolate bristlenose
The fish you receive will be around 3/4-1" in size.

Max Size:4-5"
Min Tank Size:20 Long
Breeding: Males trap female in cave to spawn. Male will stay in cave fanning eggs until they hatch and fry consume yolk sack.
Gender Identification: Males larger and grow fleshy bristles on head near mouth.
Compatibility: Great community fish, do not keep with fin nipping fish. Stunning longfin alternative to albino bristlenose. 
Care: Temp 68-78F pH 6-8
Notes: Great bottom feeder for nearly all size aquariums, Bristlenose plecos DO NOT keep your tank clean for you. However, they do help graze on algae and eat any left over food at the bottom of the tank before it spoils the water. This is not enough food for them to breed on and should be specifically fed. Will thrive and breed being fed sinking wafers, specialty pleco foods (Repashy), fresh vegetables as well as graze on driftwood. May eat leafier plants like Sword but haven't had a problem with this myself. All my tanks are planted and most have Bristlenose.