Cryptocoryne sp. Wendtii - Grab Pack

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Cryptocoryne sp. Wendtii - Green, Red, Brown, Bronze

You will receive (3) random Cryptocoryne wendtii, possibly three of one color variation or a mixture. Plant size also varying from small-medium.

NO GUARANTEE - These are grown throughout many tanks in the fishroom, and color variation will be chosen randomly based on what is available. Your plants may vary from photos.

Cryptocoryne wendtii is one of the most popular aquatic plants in the aquarium hobby. It has several color variations, green, red, brown, among other colors. The size of the leaves can vary greatly, and even the texture of the leaves can differ from plant to plant.

All Plants Submergent Grown (Underwater)

Size Portions: 3 plants
Lighting conditions: Low-Med
Difficulty of care: Easy
Placement in an aquascape: Foreground-Midground
PH: 6-7.5
Temperature:  68-82F
Reproduction: Spreads via rhizome 
Growth Rate: Slow-Medium