Corydoras aeneus "Green"

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Corydoras aeneus - Green Corydora

Stunning captive bred Corydoras catfish from the Amazon river basin of South America.
The fish you receive will be around 3/4-1" in size.

Max Size: 2.5"
Min Tank Size: 10 Gallon
Breeding: Egglayer. My breeders lay eggs in clusters on the glass of the aquarium behind some plant or hardscape cover. High quality foods like frozen bloodworms or live blackworms condition breeding. 60% water change with cool water after two weeks usually can induce a spawn.
Gender Identification: Males are usually smaller and more slender than the females, particularly when viewed from the top.
Compatibility: Great community fish perfect for all peaceful community setups. Perfect for planted tanks, will help clean up uneaten foods but should be specifically fed.
Care: Temp 72-79pH 5.8-7
Notes: All Corydoras species should be kept in groups of 5+ of same species.