Anubias sp. Nana Petite

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Anubias sp. Nana Petite

Anubias sp. Nana Petite performs well in low light or shady areas to limit the algae growth on their leaves. The leaves are very tough and work well with Herbivorous fish and aggressive Cichlids because they do not usually eat them. 

All Plants Submergent Grown (Underwater)

Size Portions: 2" Potted plant
Lighting conditions: Low light
Difficulty of care: Easy
Placement in an aquascape: Attatched to wood or in rock crevice works well. Also can be planted in the substrate, bury roots only. If rhizome is buried Anubias will rot and die.
PH: 6-7.4
Temperature: 70-80F
Reproduction: Grows along rhizome, can be cut and split into sections. 
Growth Rate: Slow-Medium