About Phyto Aquatics

Thank you for stopping by Phyto Aquatics, my name is Caleb Pitman. I have been keeping reptiles and fish off and on for several years. In 2017, we bought our first house and with my wife's blessing took the master bed/bath for the fishroom! From St. Louis, I am a member of the Missouri Aquarium Society Inc, along with many top-notch fishkeepers. It is a great way to learn about fishkeeping and to find rare species. I recommend joining your local aquarium club as well!  Our goal at Phyto Aquatics is to provide quality aquatic plants and captive bred fish and shrimp. Our natural approach makes fishkeeping easier and more enjoyable for us and our fish. We aim to breed and distribute uncommon and rare aquatics to other hobbyists and breeders across the country. The fishroom is managed full-time by myself and is now around 50 tanks, most of which are planted, and many more to come soon. Thank you again for your support, please contact us with questions and concerns.

- Caleb Pitman, Phyto Aquatics   

Email - phytoaquatics@yahoo.com